SHRD R3 Scalp Revival Kit

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SHRD R3 Scalp Revival Kit

With today's environment and other elements, we are finding more and more scalp issues. Effective and easy, every solution you need for normal type of scalp, dandruff &hair growth in this KIT.

R1 SH-RD Resolve Scalp Essence (for All Scalp Types)
-Balance oil secretion
-Volumizer & Root lifter
-Anti-inflammatory &Anti-bacteria

R2 SH-RD Refresh Scalp Essence (for Dandruff/Itchy Scalp)
-Formulated for itchy scalp
-Improves scalp problems
-Helps relieve the symptoms of dandruff

R3 SH-RD Revive Scalp Essence (for Hair Growth)
The herbal active ingredient "Growth factor like" for the stimulation of hair vitality.
-Promotes hair growth
-Increases cell respiration
-Nourishes & strengthens

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